Please Give to Trinity Cares Inc. 

As a Christian, you recognize God's design of putting humans in charge of God's creation.  You take your responsibility seriously and you see God's creation is in need of your love, care, and support.  Your donation will be used to decrease animal extinction, increase wild animal numbers and encourage people to love God's creation.


Your financial gift is one way to love and care for God's creation, your donation allows the needs of the world's animals to be addressed and attended to.  Giving financial support is only one, of many ways, you can fulfill your responsibility as a human and a Christian to love and care for God's creation.  Finding and maintaining a focus and connection to the natural world is necessary and beneficial to you and to the life you engage with.  Learning more, loving more, and acting more, for the benefit of God's creation can manifest in many ways.  Maybe you will look at the animals in your life and ask yourself, are they well cared for, are they treated with love or are they abused, exploited or trapped in a bad situation?                        

If you don't like what you see, you take charge and do what you can, to improve the lives of the animals around you.  They say, it takes a village to raise a child, it will take the very best of humanity to actively participate in caring for wildlife to address extinction and our low animal numbers.  When out and about in this beautiful world of ours, open your eyes to the natural world around you, care about it, enjoy it.  Don't take it for granted, God made it and God put you in charge of caring for it, do your job, care and protect all living things, people, animals, tree's and plants, they are all God's creation.  Be mindful of pollution, decrease your damage to the world by recycling, keeping toxins and poisons away from all living organisms.  Talk to your family and friends, share with them your concern over our natural world and your actions to protect it.  Stop unnecessary hunting and killing.  Use your talents to protect life, write stories, articles, poems and songs.  Draw and paint, use art to display your love of God's creation.  Transform your focus and thinking to our natural world, recognizing it's importance and our responsibility to it.  Handing the next generation a healthy planet is more valuable than money because money will not bring animals out of extinction or pollution out of our air, water and land.  Share and spread this truth with all those around you.  Stand up for God's creation and fulfill your mandate from God, by loving and caring for God's Creation. 

Thank You!