Trinity Cares Inc. is an Answer.

God created humanity in his image and likeness to rule over God's creation of animals and nature; animal extinction threatens our ability to succeed.  Trinity Cares Inc. is a charity of which 100% of donations are used to support Trinity Cares work to end extinction, increase wild animal numbers and encourage people to Love God's Creation.  Mission Statement

God has sovereign power over his creation and has delegated the authority to mankind to have dominion over the animals (Genesis 1:26)

Trinity Cares takes God's word seriously.  We were created in God's image and likeness to rule over God's creation of animals and nature.  God's image and likeness is found in many places within the scriptures, but 1 John 4:16 says it best, God is Love.

Trinity Cares works to encourage people to rule God's creation with love, as God rules over his sparrows, not sparing one of them, nor forgetting them (Matthew 10:29 and Luke 12:6).

Trinity Cares primary goals are to end extinction, increase wild animal numbers and encourage people to rule over God's creation with love.

As humans, we have a God-given obligation and ability to save animals from extinction.  Let us not ignore our responsibility to care for all of God's creation.  Here are Trinity Cares goals:

  • Create and disseminate educational information to encourage people to be protective stewards of God's creation.
  • Purchase land for wildlife habitat conservation to protect a safe place for animals.
  • Work to end poaching.  We cannot rule God's creation if it goes extinct; instead we aim to make extinction go extinct!
  • Create and maintain a global database to track animal population numbers.  Work with governments and private agencies to ensure data integrity.
  • Deliver these messages:
    •     Love God's Creation
    •     Follow God's leadership who provided an abundance of animals
    •     Recognize God's balance in nature; respect and maintain it
  • Facilitate a change in how like-minded agencies operate.  Instead of working independently, often duplicating basic tasks, Trinity Cares introduces the idea of "One".  Numerous agencies working together as "one" to accomplish shared goals.  Through networking, collaboration and consolidation of inter-agency resources, agencies who work together, like the many arms of an octopus, will accomplish goals together that they would never have obtained individually.  Reducing resources while increasing productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. 
  • Promote resources already developed like: Nature is Speaking by Conservation International.  In this series of short fils, a part of the world's abused ecosystem is voiced by a star.  
    • Julia Roberts is Mother Nature
    • Robert Redford is Redwoods
    • Harrison Ford is Ocean 
    • Kevin Spacey is Rainforest 
    • Edward Norton is Soil 
    • Penelope Cruz is Water 
    • Liam Neeson is Ice 
    • Joan Chen is Sky 
    • Lee Pace is Mountain 
    • Lupita Nyong'o is Flower 
    • Ian Somerhalder is Coral Reef 
    • Reese Witherspoon is Home

This is only the very beginning for Trinity Cares, so much more is to come, as we grow and engage with other agencies and begin the work of caring for animals.  Please continue to visit this site for more information on our work and most importantly do your part and actively Love God's Creation!